Imperfect Ruby Parcel - E

  • $43.00

This imperfect parcel of faceted gems boasts natural beauty and material free from dye, stabilizers or fillers.  Excellent stones for practice, teaching, economy or "low budget" collections, etc.

"Imperfect" may mean thinner stones than I usually sell, chips at the far edges that can be concealed by a bezel, small pits, or inclusions that reach the surface of the stone, etc.  Please check images and measurements carefully prior to making your selection.  

You will receive the exact stones pictured.  See below for measurement details.

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  • Approximate sizes:
  • Largest: 15mm x 11mm x 4.5mm thick
  • Smallest: 11mm x 8mm x 3mm thick

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Please contact us prior to purchasing if you have any questions.